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Whether you’re new to the world of iOS music creation or you’ve been making tracks on your iPhone for years, this is the place for you! Both on the site and podcast, you’ll find tips and tricks for getting for turning your iPad or iPhone into a mobile studio. We talk about new apps, updates, upcoming releases and more. You’ll hear about people using their iOS devices to make music and hear some of the great stuff that they’re putting out into the world. You’ll get the information straight from developers that are creating the apps you love. If you’re looking to get the most music possible out of your iPhone or iPad, stick around – we’ll be kickstarting your musical lifestyle!

Chip Boaz

I’m a bass player, composer, educator, and writer from the San Francisco Bay Area with a diverse collection of musical interests. I’ve spent much of my life performing and teaching with a specialization in jazz, but even longer than that, I’ve been immersed in technology. I grew up in San Jose, California – before it was Silicon Valley – and I watched home computing grow into the massive part of the world that it is today. My father was a computer engineer; he used to build computers in our garage, sell his own memory boards, and connect with other local computer fanatics. He was also a big Apple supporter – I remember the first Mac coming into our house and from that moment, I was part of the Apple faithfuls. Decades later, I had a realization as I installed my first music app onto my iPhone 3GS – I had the ability to bring my two parts of my life together with this amazing device I was carrying in my pocket. Things have advanced a lot since those days, and it’s been an exciting ride that gets better everyday.